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Alcohol might make your blood glucose go up while you are drinking especially if the drink is sugary. However, you must be aware that your blood glucose will come down again very quickly. When you have been drinking alcohol, your body cannot release sugar from your liver so you are likely to become severely hypoglycaemic very quickly and it will be more difficult to treat your "hypo"

If you have had a few drinks it will be more difficult to recognise a hypo. The symptoms can be similar to being drunk.

Tip: Do not drink on an empty stomach. Always eat some carbohydrate such as a couple of packets of crisps when you are drinking alcohol. When you get home you must have a snack such as cereal or toast before you go to bed or have something to eat on the way home.

Tip: Get someone to waken you in the morning to make sure you are not sleeping through a hypo. After drinking alcohol your blood sugars will probably stay low the following day so you will need to do some regular testing.

This is very important especially if you intend driving the next day. You don't want to lose your license.


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