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Tips and Hints

Alcohol Alcohol
Alcohol can cause you to be 'hypo' if you have taken alcohol and it has made you sick, you can develop DKA without having high blood glucose.
Dealing With  A Hangover Dealing With A Hangover
Symptoms of a hangover can be thirst, nausea and sore head. You need to test your blood glucose level if you have any of these symptoms. Your blood glucose is likely to be low.
Drugs Drugs
All street drugs are chemicals that will affect your brain if you take them.
Fluids Fluids
It's important to take lots of sugar free drinks such as water, low sugar juice or unsweetened tea.
Hypoglycaemia also called hypos or lows Hypoglycaemia also called hypos or lows
If your blood glucose is low, that is below 4mmol/l on your meter, your warning signs are likely to be: feeling weak,shaky,sweaty,dizzy, not able to concentrate,tingling in your mouth or face.
I Don't Feel Like Eating I Don't Feel Like Eating
If you are not well you might not feel like eating. Your body still needs energy. You might find it easier to take sugary drinks instead of food.
Never Stop Taking Your Insulin Never Stop Taking Your Insulin
You should never stop your insulin, or miss a dose.
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