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Hypoglycaemia also called hypos or lows

If your blood glucose is low, that is below 4mmol/l on your meter, your warning signs are likely to be: feeling weak, shaky, sweaty,dizzy, not able to concentrate, tingling in your mouth or face.

You should treat this with 3-4 Dextrose sweeties or a small cup of lucozade ( You don't need to drink the whole bottle). If you don't have these then take some full sugar drink such as coca cola or lemonade. or add three teaspoons of sugar to a diet drink, or take 4-5 fruit pastilles or anything containing sugar such as 2 teaspoons of jam.

These should all work quite quickly to bring your blood glucose back up. If you use chocolate to treat your hypo it will take longer to work because the fat contained in chocolate will slow down the transfer of glucose to your blood.

When you have treated your hypo you should have a small snack which contains some carbohydrate such as a biscuit, a piece of fruit or some bread, or if it is near a meal time you should have your usual meal.

If you know your warning signs and feel hypo you should treat it. You do not always need to test your blood glucose first.

Always carry something with you to treat your hypo.

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Hypoglycaemia also called hypos or lows
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